Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eagle 2x4 Hybrid Rifle/Pistol Pouch FB Molle

Did you know Eagle has rifle/pistol hybrid pouches that aren't even on its site?  I came across these on Triad Tactical's site - direct link:

Here's the 1x2 which carries 1x M4 mag and 2x pistol.  There are separate versions for single-stack and double-stack pistol mags.  It's open-top so no flap to cover the mags, but this is an FB pouch so there's a Kydex insert to retain the mags.  UPDATE 1/17/10: It appears that Triad Tactical no longer carries the 1x2.

Here's the 2x4 which carries 2x M4 and 4x pistol mags.  Again it uses FB-style retention and in addition has flaps secured by velcro.

Hybrid pouches can be great in that the overall packaging is more compact than strapping a separate pistol mag pouch onto an M4 shingle. Paraclete, ATS and TAG also make hybrids.

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