Friday, December 11, 2009

Mixing mag shingles - Paraclete and Tactical Tailor

For a while now I've been eyeing the Paraclete's triple M4/triple pistol shingle and recently had the chance to pick one up used. I've been running a Tactical Tailor triple shingle with a 3-mag pistol shingle mounted on the front, and it works fine but I was itching to try something different.

Once I got the Paraclete pouch mounted on my TT MAV it occurred to me that I could run the two triple shingles side-by-side to carry six mags. I lined them up to check out the setup and noticed something interesting.  They don't line up.

Look at the photo below.  The TT pouches are mounted flush with the top of the shingle, while the Paraclete M4 mag pouches sit an inch below the top.  I'm not sure it really matters to me, and I won't know until I try it out.  I may find that it's easier to index a mag without looking if they're all the same height.  So it's worth thinking about if you're considering mixing pouches.


  1. Since MSA took over Paraclete the product has died. There has not been one design change since the RMV019-07 came out. Paraclete has lost a lot of employees. if you get to tour the facility now there is no one working in there except may be 30 people in the back. It is so sad that MSA screwed all those people that needed their jobs. I do know MSA out sources their products to a company in Smithfiled. This way they can get rid of hard working americans that really need a job so they can make more profit and not have to pay employees. MSA will let the rest go soon and only make Soft Armor at Paraclete. It is discusting what MSA has done to Paraclete. I would not suggets anyone buy from MSA if they are Military or Law Enforcement. SF use to want their products but now they want CRYE Gear. Let all your friends know that MSA does not make Paraclete nylon gear any longer.

  2. Anonymous, too bad you lost yuur job. As of the third week in Sept., there were about 75 workers on the floor at MSA Paraclete. And they've since called some back for a large contract. Layoffs and callbacks are how the cut & sew business operates. MSA has a few shortcommings, too much management and too little accountability on the production floor are two that come to mind. But the product that goes out the door is correct.

    A Proud Former Employee